FINfloor Indoor Laminate

Cork is ideal to use in flooring, as it ensures an exceptional comfort while also being a renewable and sustainable resource.


More silence: Cork’s natural properties make it an excellent sound absorber.

More warmth: The unique thermal insulation features of cork provide an optimal floor temperature all year round.

More walking comfort:  Wicanders® floors are very comfortable to walk on due to cork’s natural and inherent flexibility.

More body wellness: Softer than wood and harder than carpets, the perfect mix to absorb heel strike impacts.

More impact resistance: Wicanders® floors have the ability to bounce back from hard impacts.

Hydrocork - 100% water resistant

Hydrocork® flooring is water resistant so it will not swell when exposed to humidity. This means the same visual can be installed in all rooms of a house or building, and the product is also suitable for environments where low maintenance is a requirement.  


The Hydrocork board is available in 12 luxurious Vinylcomfort wood looks, suitable for home and commercial environments. Featuring a 0,55mm wear layer, they are adequate both for residential use and heavy traffic commercial spaces.

Authentica - authentic surface

Aligned with the market’s demand for ecological solutions, Wicanders launches Authentica. A product that will stand out from the crowd for its Authentic benefits.


With 4mm of cork that comes from a sustainable source, and a high definition eco-friendly decorative, Authentica is the green alternative to solid wood and stone floors. Refined to be free of harmful phthalates, and thus contributing to a purer air quality, Authentica is a distinguished ecological choice amidst its counterparts.


The Corktech technology assembles a unique engineered multilayer structure that takes advantage of the exclusive properties of cork. A natural material with incomparable insulation and shock absorption features, cork provides superior comfort, noise reduction, thermal insulation and resistance. Authentica is the combination of this raw material with trendy decoratives, a floor where Comfort meets beauty.


The 0,55mm wear layer was specially developed to endure heavy traffic conditions, with a hard wearing surface that withstands scratches, stains and slip as well as other common ocurrences in everyday routines. Whether in a lively home frenzied with children or in a public building crowded with busy passersby on their daily commute, Authentica is sure to last through the times, offering a 25-year warranty for home usage and 15 years for commercial spaces


A combination of impressive realistic decors with a sophisticated embossed surface, Authentica is the way to turn a mere floor into an interior design statement.


Vinylconfort - cork + vinyl

The uniqueness of Vinylcomfort floors was achieved by integrating a prime quality core layer of cork, which provides superior comfort, noise reduction and warmth. An integrated cork underlay reinforces thermal and acoustic properties, resulting in a silent environment and important energy cost savings.


This contemporary technology combines the luxury of vinyl designs with the unique comfort of cork, accomplished with an excelente reproduction of natural textures. The realistic wood and stone visuals of this collection, with all the benefits of cork inside, are the perfect choice to create comfortable, warmth and peaceful atmospheres.


With the glueless Corkloc® installation system, simply put the planks together and securely click them into place. It is a very quick, safe and clean solution. The stone visuals are available in a tile format of 605 x 445mm (23 13/16 x 17 1/2”) or a board format of 905 x 295mm (35 5/8 x 11 5/8”). All the wood visuals are available in the elegant plank of 1220 x 185mm (48 x 7 1/4”).

Artconfort - cork + optical image

By blending natural cork with the latest optic image technology, Wicanders® has achieved a higher standard in natural cork flooring. The Realistic Surface Technology allows a genuine and faithful reproduction of natural surfaces, resulting in extremely attractive and realistic visuals matched with the unique benefits of a cork floor.


Greener and more sustainable than most flooring solutions Wicanders® Artcomfort offers perfect stone and wood look floors, maintaining the incredible comfort provided by cork, especially the thermal and the sound insulation with unlimited aesthetic options.

Go - cortiça + vinil

A Wood Go é a gama de entrada dos pavimentos Wicanders® com visuais de madeira.

Disponível com uma camada de desgaste de 0,2mm ou de 0,3mm, a gama Wood Go da Wicanders® combina visuais de vinil de luxo com o conforto único da cortiça, atingindo excelentes reproduções de texturas naturais.


Os visuais realistas de madeira desta coleção, com todos os benefícios da cortiça, são a escolha ideal para criar atmosferas confortáveis, acolhedoras e serenas, em ambientes domésticos.


Todos os visuais Wood Go estão disponíveis na elegante dimensão de 1220 x 185 x 10,5mm.


Padrões com camada de desgaste de 0,2mm:

Indicado para áreas residenciais com tráfego intenso - classe 23 com 15 anos de garantia; 

Indicado para áreas comerciais de tráfego moderado – classe 31 com 5 anos de garantia;


Padrões com camada de desgaste de 0,3mm:

Indicado para áreas residenciais com tráfego intenso - classe 23 com 25 anos de garantia; 

Indicado para áreas comerciais de tráfego médio – classe 32 com 10 anos de garantia;


Parquet - natural wood

The wide range of Wicanders Parquet floors follows the latest aesthetic trends and contemporary lifestyle needs.


Whether in new or renovated spaces, the Wicanders Parquet collections offer you a wide range of woods, sizes and finishes customised to your style. Through high-tech finishing processes, these collections emphasize and enrich the natural texture of wood. From darker to lighter tones, from classic to more sophisticated textures, the Wicanders collections guarantee a floor fitting your own style.


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